Learn how to speak confidently during a job interview in French

French job interview with a female candidate
Business man wearing a suit who is waiting for a job interview


The course for job interviews in French will prepare you for a job interview by developing your oral fluency and accuracy. You will learn how to describe your professional background and suitability for the role and how to express your interest in the company and motivation for applying for the post. Each class is tailored to your specific needs and professional background, so that you can speak with confidence on the day of your interview.

Who is this course for job interviews in French designed for?

French for Job Interviews is specifically designed for students at upper intermediate or advanced level in French who have an interview for a job in France or another French-speaking country : Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, Luxembourg, etc. If you have already reached B2 level in French, which corresponds to upper intermediate, ten “job interviews in French” classes will be enough to cover the main topics that you need to succeed in your job interview.

How can your teacher help you prepare for a job interview in French?

During the course, we will mostly focus on speaking skills by simulating real job interviews. Your teacher will give you all the specific structures and vocabulary to describe your professional background, highlight your successes in previous roles, show your motivation for the position and outline your strengths and suitability for the role. You will be prepared to answer the most frequently asked questions during a job interview and will acquire the specific vocabulary used to describe your professional competence and work experience. Moreover, your teacher will prepare you to answer some tricky or unexpected questions that may arise so that you are not overwhelmed during the real interview. After each mock interview, you will be given detailed feedback on your strengths and weaknesses so that you can quickly make progress and be successful. If needed, you will receive tailored exercises to practise or review the specific grammar structures and vocabulary used during a job interview. For example, you can revise or learn which tenses to use to talk about the past, present or future during a job interview. You can also review interrogative forms in French so that you can ask the interviewer questions at the end of the job interview.

After this French course, you will be able to : 

  • Introduce yourself in a formal way
  • Understand and answer the most frequently asked questions during a job interview in French
  • Develop confidence while discussing your professional background and your previous work experience. 
  • Avoid the most common mistakes. 
  • Prepare yourself to answer tricky questions about yourself and your professional background. 
  • Use the correct and specific vocabulary. 
  • Improve your French pronunciation  and oral fluency. 

Are You Ready To Start?


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