Practice French conversation with a qualified native teacher online and learn how to speak confidently with native speakers

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This French conversation course will enable you to develop your oral fluency, accuracy and confidence by interacting with a native speaker.

How can your teacher help you develop your oral fluency and accuracy during conversation classes?

Each 60-minute conversation class will enable you to talk to your native teacher about a range of topics that interest you. During the first free class, you can explain what subjects you would like to discuss so that your French teacher can plan lessons that are tailored to your interests.

During the classes, your teacher will boost your confidence, help you to master the trickier aspects of French pronunciation and provide you with new vocabulary and structures that you can use to express your thoughts more accurately.

After each class, you will receive an email containing feedback on areas for improvement. During the following session, you will work with your teacher to improve your skills in these areas. In order to do so, you may be asked to review some grammar points, learn some new vocabulary or use efficient learning strategies to overcome your most common mistakes.

Who is this course for?

French for Conversation is specifically designed for students at intermediate or advanced level who wish to express their thoughts and opinions with greater accuracy and fluency while improving their comprehension skills.

If you are at the lower intermediate level, which corresponds to level B1 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), or if you do not have time to take a one hour French conversation course, I recommend that you take a 30-minute class. Please refer to the “Prices” section in the menu above to check the cost of the 30-minute general French course.

How does French for Conversation work?

First, contact your teacher by email to schedule an initial, free online meeting, during which she will assess your current level of French and collect information about your interests and learning goals. After this meeting, you can decide to buy a package of lessons according to your needs and goals.

Once the course gets started, you can do any of the following:

  • discuss a range of topics
  • simulate everyday conversation using formal or informal language
  • express your thoughts and opinions after reading an article or watching an online documentary or an excerpt from a film
  • talk about culture, politics, economics, science, or any other subject that interests you, using the specific vocabulary required for each topic.

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