Take an online business French course to communicate effectively with your French-speaking clients

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Who is this business course designed for?

“French for Trade and International Relations” is designed for professionals who wish to learn how to better communicate in French to boost their business performance in an international context. The course starts at the A2 level of the European Framework of Reference for Languages. If you are a beginner, you are advised to take general French classes before starting a business course in French for the trade sector. 

Please click on the “General French classes” to learn more about the programme for the general French course.

After an initial, complimentary online meeting to discuss your goals, a tailored business course will be designed to meet your company’s specific needs and goals in your sector of activity. Customised content, simulations and activities will be adapted to your business needs.

What will you learn during this online business course?

In this French course for professionals, we will focus on developing your speaking skills. In order to do so, you will learn the specific vocabulary used in your field and the grammar structures that you need to communicate better with French-speaking clients and colleagues.

You will also improve your business speaking skills by simulating and role-playing online meetings, telephone conversations and negotiations with clients, colleagues and trade intermediaries. You may also be asked to do presentations in French based on practical cases.

If needed, a customised curriculum can be designed to develop your readings and writing skills. You will learn how to write emails and reports and improve your understanding of business articles, documents and correspondence in French.

After this French course for business and international relations, you will be able to :

  • Speak fluently in a business setting and deal confidently with the most common spoken interactions in a professional context
  • Negotiate effectively with business partners in French
  • Improve your writing skills by learning how to write emails, reports, etc.
  • Learn how to use specific vocabulary and grammar structures in a business setting
  • Improve your pronunciation and understanding of business French


All the contents of the business French courses can be adapted to your needs and expectations: you can follow the whole course or only a part of it according to your aims. The duration of the whole course is about 120 hours.  

Module 1

How to make contact with a client or potential client, how to introduce yourself, how to describe a product.

Module 2

How to communicate in a business environment and conduct a work meeting.

Module 3

How to introduce a client to your company and business.

Module 4

How to negotiate and order by phone and via the Internet.

Module 5

How to deliver the products. How to register a complaint and return an item.

Module 6

How to issue an invoice and write a payment reminder letter.

Module 7

How to apply for a job and prepare for an interview.

Module 8

How to take part in a trade show and book a stand.

Module 9

How to meet a visiting client at a trade show and look for a trade intermediary.

Module 10

How to gain customer loyalty and look for new clients. How to promote a product and provide after-sales service. 

Are You Ready To Start?


Maiko Miyake. Acting manager. IFC-World Bank Group. Morocco.

“Olivia helped me to refine my business French. She is very organized and structured in preparation of courses, but remains flexibility and spontaneity so that the lessons do not feel rigid. The lessons were very tailored and it was clear that she puts a lot of time preparing for the lessons, to make sure my specific needs were met. I truly appreciated this approach. As a result, we worked on a lot of materials that suits my interest and needs, nothing that felt like cookie cutters. I have not studied much grammars but have been practicing French for a long time, and could sound rather fluent.  Olivia was good at pinpointing the areas I need to improve and go back to foundations when needed.  And more than anything, it was her positive energy that got me going despite the extremely challenging schedule I had at that time. I must admit I was not always the most well-prepared student, but she knew how to make me feel at ease and engaged.  Thanks to her, I have learnt tremendous confidence in using business French to grow my career. Thank you Olivia!”


You can learn the business French vocabulary on the website of the “Office Québécois de la langue française”.



If you would like to focus specifically on improving your job-seeking skills and preparing for a job interview, you can take a course for job interviews in French, which can be tailored to your specific needs.


If you would like to develop your intercultural knowledge of how to do business in France, you can explore the following website to learn about minimizing intercultural risks  while working with French companies.