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Who is this business course designed for?

All those who wish to increase their knowledge of French for trade and learn how to communicate in this business environment. The course starts from the level A2 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

If you are a beginner, you are advised to take general French lessons before starting a course in French for the trade sector. Please click on the “General French classes” menu.


All the contents of the French courses can be adapted to your needs and expectations: you can follow the whole course or only a part of it according to your aims. The duration of the whole course is about 120 hours.  

How to make contact with a client or potential client. How to introduce yourself. How to describe a product.

How to communicate in a business environment and conduct a work meeting.

How to introduce a client to your company and business.

How to negotiate and order by phone and via the Internet.

How to deliver the products. How to register a complaint and return an item.

How to issue an invoice and write a payment reminder letter.

How to apply for a job and prepare for an interview.

How to take part in a trade show and book a stand.

How to meet a visiting client at a trade show and look for a trade intermediary.

How to gain customer loyalty and look for new clients. How to promote a product and provide after-sales service. 

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