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For each course of French classes, the teaching plan is truly tailored to your specific needs and goals whether you have just started learning French, speak some French but wish to become more fluent, are fluent but want to deepen your understanding of the nuances of the French language, or simply wish to read and write better in French. 

According to your needs and goals, we will work on very specific points to help you develop fluency and accuracy in French. Please feel free to mention your interests (politics, global issues, cinema, sport, gastronomy…) as most of the time your French teacher can include lessons in your course that are related to the topics that truly interest you and that motivate you to learn the language. The key to success when you learn French is motivation and having a real interest in French language and culture. A good teacher will stimulate your curiosity, motivation and desire to learn more by helping you to explore fascinating topics related to France and French culture.

How can your teacher help you communicate in French effectively?

Generally, each French course contains :

  • Written and oral comprehension practice 
  • Interactive oral lessons tailored to your level
  • An introduction to or review of  grammar points suited to each communication context
  • Pronunciation and oral discrimination practice
  • Role plays to simulate a wide range of situations that you may encounter while living in, visiting France or working in France. These activities will encourage you to express your ideas and opinions, using new vocabulary and language structures.

Who is the general French course for?

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, all the courses offer a complete programme of studies, including tailored lessons based on reinforcement of the four skills : Listening, speaking, reading, writing.

Learning Path

How to improve your listening skills?

According to your level, your teacher will develop your understanding of oral French by exposing you to a wide range of authentic materials in French, including songs, film trailers, documentaries, radio and TV programmes, series and funny adverts on TV.

You will also develop your listening skills by doing oral discrimination exercises and specific activities to improve your understanding of spoken French. You will be given specific tips and learning strategies to improve your oral comprehension, depending on what your main difficulties are. 

How to improve your speaking skills?

As you may already know, the best way to improve your speaking skills is to talk and interact with a qualified teacher who will guide you through the learning process and encourage you and support you, especially when you encounter some difficulties while learning French.

According to your level, you will develop a wide range of speaking skills and each  lesson will be designed and structured to achieve specific goals, as described below. 

Examples of online oral practice lessons 

At the beginner level, you will practise French orally by doing role plays in various situations related to daily life in France :

  • How to order a meal in a restaurant and interact with the waiter/waitress.
  • How to book a room in a hotel or B&B in France.
  • How to book a train or metro ticket.
  • How to ask for specific information in a tourist office.
  • How to ask for things in shops or pharmacies.
  • How to make an appointment with the doctor 
  • How to invite someone to a party


… and many other daily situations that you may encounter while living in France or simply visiting France or a francophone country.

At intermediate level, your teacher will encourage you to develop your oral fluency and build your confidence in the following areas :

  • How to express your opinions, thoughts and points of view in French on a wide range of subjects , from news and politics to science  and the arts, for example.
  • How to express your personal interests and tastes and talk about your hobbies, travels, etc.
  • How to narrate a story or recount the plot of a film that you have just seen or a book that you have just read and share critical insights and feelings.


… and many others situations and subjects that can motivate you to talk in French and express your thoughts in a confident and relaxed manner.

At advanced level, you will discuss various topics with your teacher and be given the chance to express complex thoughts and ideas in a fluent, precise and spontaneous manner. 

After each lesson of oral practice at any level, your teacher will give you detailed feedback and will mention your strengths and point out areas for improvement. You will be given some specific tips to improve your oral fluency and your most common mistakes. After the class, your teacher will send you some exercises to enable you to work on your specific weaknesses and improve your oral fluency.

How to improve your reading skills?

Depending on your level, you will develop your comprehension of written French by reading and studying a wide range of authentic documents including French newspapers, magazines, novels, comics and tourism leaflets and brochures on France, for example. 

The best way to learn French and achieve your goals is to study vocabulary and  grammar structures in a real context and do specific reading comprehension tasks to check your understanding.  

How to improve your writing skills?

You may have to develop and improve your writing skills for the following reasons :

  • You would like to pass an official examination
  • You would to work or live in France or in a francophone country
  • You would like to write emails or letters in French


Whatever the reason may be, your teacher can offer you tailored French lessons to help you master different writing styles and explore the specific rules and convention for all types of written documents from covering letters and emails to, written presentations, essays, etc..

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